Mom was a loving mother. She tried, with tremendous success to give better than she got. She was generous with her love, time and interest, as many, many people can attest. Our family was not so “nuclear”, because Mom often took people under her wing, for as long as they needed… A parade of people came and went through out our lives. Some stayed, Mom had lifelong family and friends too. And we went along for the ride, because she had a big enough heart for all of us.


Caption: Maggie pregnant with Dee and with Dee in her first and second years.

She was loving, loyal, fierce, determined, creative, adventurous, Fun Loving and a Risk Taker. Part of her was broken as well. She felt loved/not loved growing up and periodically throughout her life and, as it would any of us, it colored the rest of her life. I think one of her greatest regrets, was that as her health failed, so did her energy and therefore her ability to lose herself in helping others.

Mom would have liked nothing better than a Great Big Party after she died, to celebrate her life and all the Living those of us left have to do. And there are a lot of us left whose lives were touched by her. We are all over the country and right next door. Some are too old to leave their homes. Some are overwhelmed with all the commitments just to get through another day. Some met her once, and that was enough to make a difference. Some of us knew her long and well.

You might have met her, shared an adventure with her…when:

  • She was a wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, great grandmother…
  • A business owner, “That Craft Store in Belmont Shores” in the ’70’s. And a yarn store in Fallbrook “The Needle Workers” in the ’80’s.
  • A Girl Scout Leader for about 15 years in the ’60’s and ’70’s. That is a lot of girls out there. 🙂
  • She flew microlight aircraft above Menifee/Temecula in the ’80’s and survived a crash too!
  • She Loved the Wild Animal Park and the Gorillas.
  • She was so artistically creative. She made the gifts she gave people and they were Always Wonderful.
  • She was a certified Red Cross teacher in the ’60’s. She used those skills and literally pulled several people from the brink of death, a boating accident in a lake in Florida, a man on a couch having a heart attack in Sun City Ca…
  • She sailed and raced sabots and Cal 20’s out of the Leeway Sailing Center in the ’70’s.
  • She was a summer camp counselor in her teens.
  • She competed in Synchronized Swimming in high school. She would ditch school… But not practice!
  • She was the “Gypsy” lady at the Zoeter Fall Carnival for years, all those mysterious deep pockets…
  • And even when she was an employee, she was connecting with and helping others at:
    • Payless in Temecula and Arroyo Grande in the 80’s.
    • Temecula Creek Inn, although as the night clerk she might have been into more mischief than helping 🙂
    • Southland Medical Supply in Temecula in the ’90’s and ’00’s.
  • And a dress shop somewhere, maybe Texas in the early ’50’s, where she learned not to judge a “book by it’s cover”… People are not always as they appear.

Everything she put herself out there for gave her the opportunity to connect with people. And she did. While Mom was out there Living her life, she truly enjoyed, connected with, sometimes was appalled by, and was moved to reach out and help, even rescue, many of the people she saw in need, in so many different, creative ways. I am certain, many of you “paid it forward”, that would make her so proud of you. A few “rescued her right back.”

As Mom aged and struggled with the consequences of some of her enthusiastic risk taking, many, many of you gave to her, generously, of your time and love. She was proud, that was difficult for her, but your efforts made a palpable difference in her life. Thank You.

I hope that this web site finds its way to the people she crossed paths with and maybe people she never even met, but heard stories about her. She would revel in all the stories shared, happy for your joys, moved by your losses. Please forward the link to those you know who’s lives touched hers.

I hope the Party to Celebrate her life happens here. Please feel inspired to share your stories about Mom with all of us. It would tickle her pink (orange:) and and all of us too.




 Image Credit: Jenine Anderson

Contributor: Dee

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