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Mom had an amazing elephant collection. It started when she was a child; her father gave her a small wooden elephant. Dee and I remember seeing that elephant our entire lives and he now has a new home with Dee. There were two unique characteristics to the elephants in Mom’s collection: Nearly all

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About Mom ~ Ree’s Post

Margaret Ann Tyson, known to most of us as Maggie, was my mother. A mother I was so lucky to have through my 56th year…her 80th. We lost Mom on February 23rd, 2015 to lung cancer; it was her second fight with that monster. Mom was many things including a fighter. The

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About Mom ~ Dee’s Post

Mom was a loving mother. She tried, with tremendous success to give better than she got. She was generous with her love, time and interest, as many, many people can attest. Our family was not so “nuclear”, because Mom often took people under her wing, for as long as they needed… A parade of people

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Irvin Boyd Tyson ~ Brotherly Love

Margaret Ann Tyson was born on January 31, 1935 in Pampa, Texas to John Everett Tyson and Audrey (Walker) Tyson. Her only sibling, older half-brother, Irvin Boyd, Jr., was born of Audrey’s prior marriage to Irvin Boyd. As a child, Irvin Boyd, Jr. was called “Boy.” Maggie called him “Bubba.”

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Roger Tyson and the Sword Story

Around 1967, Maggie and I went antique shopping, and I found two epees (a type of fencing sword) that I just loved. They must have been expensive because I didn’t buy them. Maggie told me if I came back from Viet Nam and wasn’t wounded, she’d have them for me.

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Memories of Mary Lee (English) Walker ~ “Little Grandmother”

Mary Lee (English) Walker also known as “Little Grandmother” was Maggie’s maternal grandmother. She was one of four children and born on July 15, 1878. Little Grandmother lived in a three-story Victorian house in Texas. This house had three carriage houses in the back, “full of stuff.” And there was

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When I Am An Old Woman

In 1989 I was living up in Stockton, CA. Mom sent many letters, which always brightened my day. On one occasion she inserted a parchment with the poem “When I am an Old Woman” printed on it. I just ran across the letter and here is a scan of the

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Selfies With Mom in 2014

During the last year of Mom’s life, we spent a lot of time waiting in doctors’ offices, eating out and, in the first half of the year, running around. I started taking “selfies” with mom. We saw friends and family, too, and some of them engaged in our silly antics. We

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We Lost Mom ~ Email to Family and Friends

Below is the email I sent out to family and friends sharing the sad news that Mom had passed. In case we missed including you or didn’t have your email, this is what it said… Mom turned 80 on January 31st and she shared her special day with me, Michael, Dee