Early Memories of Life and Friendship

Uncle Joe, Auntie Pat and Kathy Plank
While Mo, Dee, and Ree were darting in and out of the pilings [at the Surfside house], our dads, Joe and Joe, were surfing, catching the “late evening glass.” Our moms, Maggie and Pat, were deep into a very competitive game of Scrabble.
Note from Ree: I couldn’t resist inserting this pic of Uncle Joe still surfing in his 70’s!!! 

Maggie saw that I was without a partner.  She smiled at me and said,”come with me.” She took me to her library and handed me my first mystery book.  

She said, “I hope you enjoy these like I did, when you have a good book you are never alone.” I took took the “Beverly Grey Mystery” up to the “Crows Nest.”

I read all of her Beverly Grey, Nancy Drew, and Agatha Christi books and have passed on the love of reading to my children and grandchildren. Just the thought of that ” Crows Nest”, a good book, a little cup of Pepsi (Maggie shared her’s with me), the smell of Maggie’s special spaghetti with black olives, the laughter of Maggie and mom floating up the stairs, as my dad, Uncle Joe, would say, ” This must be the place.” Love you Aunt Maggie.

 Uncle Joe and Auntie Pat at the beach in the early days.

And how about the Hootenannies? I thought that Peter, Paul, and Mary stole their music from Joe, Joe, and Maggie! LOL

The sound of Uncle Joe and Maggie’s voices was unforgettable. Maggie wouldn’t let Auntie Pat sing. In fact, she wouldn’t let my mom clap either. Maggie said to Pat, “blink, just blink your eyes”. My mother smiled and laughed and blinked.

With Such Love to You All,

Kathy Plank Hardin
 Back: Kathy, Maggie, Dee and Mo. Front: Ree and Auntie Pat


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