Mom had an amazing elephant collection. It started when she was a child; her father gave her a small wooden elephant. Dee and I remember seeing that elephant our entire lives and he now has a new home with Dee.


This elephant trio is from Mom’s collection and is going to the Plank girls: Kathy, Maureen “Mo” and Trisha.

There were two unique characteristics to the elephants in Mom’s collection:

  1. Nearly all had their trunks up (a symbol of good luck), and
  2. All were named Mr. Polywash (We cannot remember why Mom chose that name. If any of you can, please let us know!)

Elephants are amazing creatures and Mom was drawn to them for many reasons. Here are just a few…

  • While massive, they can be gentle creatures.
  • Elephants are socially complex.
  • Families are an important element of their life. Adults females fiercely protect the youth in the group and work together to raise them.
  • Elephants have excellent memories and can recognize individuals from years past.
  • The matriarch, the female leader, is the most important member of the family. Maybe that’s why Mom referred to herself as “the alpha female!”

Elephants are beautiful creatures. The next time you see one with its trunk up, we hope it makes you think of Mom. Maybe you’ll even start a collection of your own.

Contributors: Ree Klein and Dee

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