A Picture of Greg — 1986.

Dear Dee & Ree,

I loved your Mom! She was the greatest Grandmother a boy could have. Even though we weren’t blood related, she treated me as her own. I always loved going to visit her out in the desert. Two things stand out for me, regarding Maggie.

#1 She would always let me take the motorcycle out for a ride…even if, my father disagreed 🙂 “Oh, just go have fun! I won’t tell your father.” I would share with her all the great places I had explored. She was so
full of encouragement. Her only warning…”Just don’t let the police see you, we’d have a hard time explaining that one!”

#2 She would let me stay up late playing Atari, and drinking sodas into the wee hours. She always made sure that there was enough fuel to run the generator. Raymond would complain about the noise, and she’d explain, “It’s only for one night…just let the boy have fun!”

With much love,

Greg Niles

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