Mom is agog!

She loved the space program.  As a young woman in the fifties, she grew up awash in cultural aspirations for flight.  Her father flew.  Her brother flew.  And she dreamed of flying too.  Even better, hurtle into space.

She devoured science fiction books (favorites: Asimov and Heinlein).  And we lived in Florida for awhile, so when John Glen was launched in space, for the first manned space flight around Earth… We were all there, blanket on the beach and eyes glued on the gantry.

Dad was involved in the Apollo Program which made Mom proud.  He gave her a number of very thoughtful, appreciated gifts over the years, but maybe the most emotional was a bracelet issued by the Apollo program with charms representing each mission.

So the next time you see a spectacular picture of space, maybe like me, you will remember Mom and smile.



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