John Everett Tyson

A very special man, John Everett Tyson, was born on September 9, 1904 in Wichita Falls, Texas. He was the son of Dr. Lewis Cass Tyson and Martha Catherine Kerley. John attended Wichita Falls High School, graduating in 1924.

He was very athletic, played basketball, ran the mile relay and competed in the 12-pound shot-put and 200-yard hurdles. He was very interested in all sports. Later in life he enjoyed bowling, golf and fishing.

In 1930, he married Audrey Elizabeth (Walker) Boyd, mother of Irvin Boyd, Jr., from a previous marriage. John Tyson later adopted Irvin and Irvin’s name was changed to Irvin Boyd Tyson. Irvin and his wife Beverly had five boys, Roger, Timothy, Richard, John and Mathew.

A Family Heirloom is Handed Down


John Everett Tyson was a pilot for Braniff. He was also a big fan of the Yankees baseball team. In 1932, he piloted a plane to the World Series baseball game in Chicago, Illinois, and brought home a small commemorative baseball bat and ball. He always kept the bat and ball in a special place. His daughter, Margaret Ann “Maggie” Tyson inherited the bat and ball and later gave it to her nephew, Roger Lee Tyson. At a family gathering on July 31, 2011, Roger asked his Aunt Maggie to present and give this very special bat and ball to Roger’s oldest son, Chad Alan Tyson.

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