I met Margaret for the 1st time in May, 2014, after connecting with Lauren Tyson on ancestry.com. That remarkable contact with Lauren led to my wonderful visit with “Aunt Margaret”, my late father’s 1st cousin, at her home in California.


Aunt Margaret was about 13 years younger than my father, but they were good friends. I had only met her once, when I was four years old. I don’t remember that time, but Margaret told me she and her family had passed through Dallas, staying for a visit at Christmas, and she helped put my toys together for the next morning.

Our visit together in April was very special. Margaret told me funny stories about her, my Dad, Dad’s brother Beau, and Boyd. She talked about how the cousins hung out together and played tricks on their Grandfather Murphy. My Dad was her hero – he made sure little Maggie was allowed to go with the big guys where ever they went.

She told me stories about her ‘Little Grandmother’, who our family called Momo Walker. I have vague memories of Great Grandmother Walker, her white house in Waco, the apricot fried pies, the mysterious upstairs attic. Margaret helped me recall all those memories and more.

It was a special visit, as her love for my Dad showed in everything she said. I could tell they were very close as children, and despite the separation that later life brings, they stayed connected. I could see that she had an adventurous spirit that my Dad must have loved. And she spoke so well of all her family and friends.

I enjoyed the phone calls and Christmas cards we exchanged, photos passed back and forth. I am so glad I got to meet her at her home. Many thanks to Lauren for bringing us together, Roger for helping us the day I visited, and Ree for staying in touch and keeping me updated.

Contributor: Mark Wilson

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