Who knew when the Starkey family moved in that the new family next door would be such an important part of our life. The adventures and fun Mom and Leona had were epic and we all went along for the ride! They were best friends.

Donna, Bob and Gloria Jean Starkey.

Donna, Bob and Gloria Jean Starkey.

Here is an email sent from Bob and his wife Cathy relaying memories of the two friends.


Dear Dee and Ree:

One of Bob’s favorite stories about Maggie and Leona was one regarding the US Navy and a small sailboat. He forgets which one retold the story but they were both involved in this escapade! And he says it really doesn’t matter because everyone knew that if one lied the other would swear to it!

One day they were out sailing and there was a misunderstanding as to which vessel had the right away; a small sailboat or a Navy Ship (they said it was a navy destroyer but who knows!) Anyway both of the vessels felt they had the right away and they came very close to colliding. This caused the small sail boat to bob about like a cork.

Leona was at the bow and Maggie was at the helm hanging on for dear life from the wake of the destroyer. However, they both managed to give the US Navy the single finger salute that they felt the Navy deserved. The crew on the destroyer all got a big kick out of it. It was a much funnier story when Mom and Maggie told it!

It was always an adventure when the two of them got together. Whether it was running up to Big Bear mountain to get bread and racing to get back home before Roy and Joe got home from work and found out how far they had traveled. And I am sure we are not privileged to all the adventures they got into. But it always brings a smile thinking about those times.

Bob and I still have the embroidered Irish cloth that Leona started for our wedding before she passed away and your mother painstakingly finished it for us and gave it to us that summer you came to stay with us Dee. We think of both of them each time we look at it. Thank you for getting in touch with us and letting us know about your mom. We hope the two of you will keep in touch with us. Now that you have found us again.

Take Care and Lots of Love,

Bob and Cathy Starkey



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