Fay Humphrey, Maggie and Dottie Perry

My mom (Dottie Perry), Maggie, and another friend (Fay Humphrey) were good pals and had an energy that any set of friends would find enviable. 

One of the things that connected them was doing crafts and NOBODY I’ve ever known has been as amazing at that as Maggie was!  She could do anything that she set her mind to do, even if she had to create her own set of directions. 

The process was:  Maggie would learn a craft, then teach it to her friends.  Maggie’s energy was something to behold.  She would have a few dozen crafts (all different types) going on at once, would always have time for friends, and would actually finish the things she started (unlike most of us, who give up and shove the undone crafts in a cupboard). 

I was in middle and high school when the “three amigos” were the most active and I always enjoyed going to Maggie’s house.  She taught me, along with my mom, how to do those “oh-so-60s” crafts of macrame and terrarium projects.  A few months ago,  I dragged out an old macrame book that we used.  That is STILL a cool craft!   

Maggie’s natural energy was no doubt boosted by her “claim” of having something like 4 Pepsi Colas before 10 AM every morning!  It’s true, I always saw her with one in her hand!  Those 3 friends had SO much fun and I remember them laughing so hard that they were doubled over with tears in their eyes. 

Lucky women, to have such fun with friends!


Leona Starkey (Maggie’s neighbor and dear friend), Dottie Perry and Fay Humphrey

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