I walked into Target the other day, stood and stared at the dazzling rack of Mother’s Day cards. It nearly knocked me to the ground as I took it in that I would never, ever, again be combing the display for the perfect card for Mom.

I loved buying her cards. She treasured them…she saved them. In fact, as Dee, Ken and I went through Mom’s home after she passed, I sorted the letters, cards and notes into piles for people and gave them theirs.

I kept a stack of cards I’ve sent her over the years and I’m so grateful she saved them. It helps to remind me that I did tell her how much I loved her, what a fabulous mother she was and that she was my confidant and friend.

Over my life events would happen that made me feel small, icky or like a loser. Each time I would confide in Mom and she would reveal a story about her own life and how she made it through. The parallels were sometimes a mirror image to my own life.

She only revealed these little secrets when the time was right—when I would understand—when it would mean something.

I wonder what stories went with her that I’ll never know…

I miss her so deeply and don’t know how I’ll manage with out her.

Love you Mom…wherever you are…

Your daughter and friend,


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