I was turning ‘21’ years of age and would have a quiet, normal dinner with my folks and brothers, along with a lovely birthday cake that my mom fixed.  Maggie decided that turning 21 was an important benchmark of maturity and needed a party.  So, she decided to have a taco party.

I had to ask, What is a taco?  I’d heard of it as a Mexican food but never had one.  She then told me to call around 10 friends that were either on swim team or in ski club and have them come at 6 p.m.  I was to come earlier.  Your grandfolks were probably in a back bedroom hoping that all was going according to plan.

Well, when I arrived, she put me to work chopping lettuce, onions, tomatoes; followed by grating cheese, setting the table and frying hamburger meat.  She then showed me how to fry tortillas in a little grease in a skillet, fold and drain them.  Next was stuffing the tortillas with the meat.

Everything was set out and after the friends arrived, they all stuffed the tortilla shells with all the items they wanted, enjoyed their soft drinks, spooned up some refried beans and had a unique dinner, followed by a birthday cake, donated by my mom.

How fortunate I was to have such a great, memorable evening with close friends, all on a school night.  I’ll never forget it, thanks to your mom.


Contributor: Mary Ann (Leonard) Driskill

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